RPG Infinite Dunamis App Bewertungen

Kemco games rpg x10

Thanks for the app is amazing but need an upgrade to iOS 11 to continue playing the game. Thanks for the attention and keep the awesome work guys.

The quality matches the game's cost

For a low price, this is a descent RPG. However, if you take the price tag out of the factor, this is just a plain RPG. Very generic storyline with no depth, there isn't much climax to the plot and I can't really get into the characters. Battle system is nice and simple which I do like from the Classic RPGs. This is a game I'd recommend if you're trying to kill time, not something you'll go crazy over

Among the best of Kemco's releases

Sometimes it's hit or miss with this company. But this time, it's a definite hit! The translation is great and the gameplay mechanics are engaging. You learn new skills and spells from equipment. The music itself can be a little repetitive, but is endurable.


So far so good, though some of the characters seem taken right from tales of vesperia, Luke is an interesting main and Vince is so normal in appearance compared to the others, like some poor private detective from case closed or something, it's funny. It's also nice that Luke points blank calls the king out on his trickery and doesn't trust anyone beyond Estelle.

Great fun

So far it is a very fun game. No complaints!

Great overall

Good story and an excellent turn based battle system. This is what the roots of jrpgs looks like. Almost perfect.

Good Time

Developing the characters in various ways is pretty cool. I played the story once though, and the second time (you get to keep your levels and gear) I really powered up my characters and slaughtered everthing in my path.

Absolutely Stunning

Beautiful plot and storyline. The Graphics are very good and has a feel like Pokemon! All the characters have their own personalities and I love playing them! Recommend for anyone who wants a good RPG game that lasts a good time.


Got it for a dollar Haha suckers!😜


Engaging story, battle system well put together.

The best

By far the best game from kemco worth every cent

Getting addicted (≧▽≦)

So made progress and encountered a bug: after doing the collecting for the building stone subquest with Smithy and trying to do that same subquest again, it automatically goes to the dunamis shop  An oddity yeah. It does the same exact thing with later quest(s) but not the ones at the beginning. Updating: when there's that dialogue or thought process that gets switched from the lower to the upper region, the screen somehow gets stuck. Sometimes when you tap it, it works and moves on but sometimes it doesn't. For the wind magic via the wind ring there's a tiny typo, which is the spell typhoon rage- Typhoon spelled with double o's. There's a lot more that's not expressed quite right but that's okay (since I forgot most of them along the way). Also, when a character, equipped with the swapping jewel, levels up by smacking critters fight after fight, sometimes there's an error as that very char does NOT get his/her hp/sp full like it normally would; it just stays the way it was in the last battle. There's this other bug: when you purchase the phoenix eggs x5 from the dunamis shop, it doesn't register into the account meaning that could NOT obtain the eggs at all when using the points. On the bright side, all the other items seem to work through the G-Han Robo. Those are the only bugs I've seen so far. Everything else is perfect. If you guys got time later, please check into them when you get the chance. Man, Gaia is a real piece of work!  Look forward to see what updates bounce here. @Chadcheese: Prolly it became like that because either you have a ribbon (bow) or weapon that only allows special magic (Cluster boost or something near that being it) to be casted. If that's not the problem, well... Keep in mind that you're only permitted to 1 ring and 1 ring in battle only meaning you can't use two different types of elemental UNLESS you get the ding dong ring which allows all four for one to utilize completely I believe (including the special magic freely). If this didn't help at all, then... I'm gonna make Vince and Chelsea fly through rings of fire and turn them into maggots for the rest of their longevities hmm hmm hmm. 

A perfect RPG

You'll play through it 4 times and still wanna try it a different way.


Another great rpg! I love the skill building guide, though spells seem to cost a bit much. The story is catching; I can't seem to stop playing. I found a grammar error though: when opening the G-HAN shop, it should read "You have killed (# of enemies killed) enemies: bonus (# DNP awarded) DNP!

Kemco scores another

This game is fun and the characters are funny. I really enjoy each of Kemco's offerings; and the IAPs while not necessary, are fairly priced if you want them.


Just what I was looking for . Good classic turn based rpg. Love it

It's that time of the month.

Another month, another kemco RPG. I like several of their games (though I've gotten behind and need to finish several of their newer releases). I'm only about an hour in, but I can tell you it certainly seems like standard kemco fare. One bright note is that, thus far, the translation seems better than past games. However, the control scheme is very bad. It's not their first game to use a virtual dpad. In fact, when I played SoE, the touch option hadn't been added yet. For this game, though, the dpad just feels broken and unresponsive. They desperately need to add touch controls, a floating analog stick, or something that does make moving around the screen feel like an absolute chore. It's really a shame. This looks like it may be the best game they've released on iOS in awhile, but if the mechanics of playing are such a pain that they take if fun out of the experience, I'm not really sure it matters.

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